Mantra Monday

  This is how I set my intention for the day.  What is yours?

The Value of Visualization

  Guided Imagery is a powerful tool to unlock creativity, mindfulness and body awareness.  Our physical body responds to imagery.  Consider this:  when you imagine a movement, the brain transmits […]

The Rewards of Dry Brushing: Beyond The Spa

  This is something you should definitely make time for in your day, you can’t see me, but I am screaming this from the mountain tops for all the world […]

Meditation 101

I was at a party on Saturday night when an acquaintance came over and said, “I tried a meditation class but I just can’t stop thinking to DO it”. LOL. […]

How To Cure the #1 Source of Stress

Now that school and activities have started I find myself racing out the door, sitting in traffic and…. holding my breath.  Do you ever catch yourself holding your breath? There […]


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