Mantra Monday

This is a photo my daughter took while we were zip lining in the rain forest of Costa Rica. This activity is not anything I wanted to do, nor would […]

Does a yoga practice make you smarter?

  What does yoga have to do with learning? We learn more when we are relaxed! The breath controls the Central Nervous System. When the Central Nervous System slows down […]

Making Space for your Yoga Practice

Yoga turf is becoming like beach real estate, limited and expensive!  Is this you?  You arrive at your yoga class 15 minutes early in order to lay your yoga mat […]

A Sanctuary in your Pocket?

Thank you to @Kli_Kli for introducing me to this awesome app! Yes, I believe this IS a sanctuary in your pocket. I have been raving about this app and getting […]

Meditation 101

I was at a party on Saturday night when an acquaintance came over and said, “I tried a meditation class but I just can’t stop thinking to DO it”. LOL. […]


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