Falling off the Wagon

It happens. It happened to me. I fell off the blogging wagon.  It didn’t happen on purpose, I was riding along minding my own business when suddenly, BUMP! I hit […]

How Meditation Can Restructure Your Brain

According to Kelly McGonigal, more and more neuroscientists, like Eileen Luders from UCLA Brain Mapping Center, have started to think that learning to meditate is no different from learning mental […]

Real Life Benefits of a Meditation Practice

Here is a true story I am sharing as an example of real life, real time, benefits of a mindful meditation practice. I did my usual morning yoga/meditation practice.  Then, […]

Mindful Monday

Today, I choose joy! Before you step out of bed, brush your teeth, and engage in the business of the morning mind:  Choose Joy. Setting an intention for your day […]

Meditation FAQ sheet

I have featured Tara Brach on my blog before, and I am so grateful to her for sharing this Meditation FAQ Guide with the world of curious, novice, competent and general mindfulness […]


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