Using Your Breath As A Tool

The breath controls the mind, the mind controls the body. If you become aware of your breath you might notice a few things, for instance: The inhale is energetic, the […]

Mantra Monday

My goal is to use yoga and meditation as a vehicle to teach people how to be fully present in their mind and body at each moment.

Multi-Tracking & Learning

Multi-tracking is an exercise where you are moving as many parts of your mind and body at once to exercise all of the connections in the brain.  Try this: Start […]

Mantra Monday

This is a photo my daughter took while we were zip lining in the rain forest of Costa Rica. This activity is not anything I wanted to do, nor would […]

The Value of Visualization

  Guided Imagery is a powerful tool to unlock creativity, mindfulness and body awareness.  Our physical body responds to imagery.  Consider this:  when you imagine a movement, the brain transmits […]


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