I am a busy yogini: married, 3 kids, 3 dogs, tennis enthusiast, writer, yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master and now… blogger! I have a master’s degree in pediatric audiology that I ditched in 2000 to pursue my passion of all things yoga. I completed my 200-hour training at the Samarya Center and engage in ongoing trainings to compliment my interests and serve my people. I founded and created Yoga Tales. I have worked in other yoga studios, fitness centers, community centers, hospitals, schools, and small and large businesses. My repertoire includes writing yoga curriculum for other establishments including home school programs, yoga for early readers, yoga for the whole child, yoga and mindfulness in the office, yoga and meditation for tweens and teens, yoga in a chair, yoga for pain, restorative yoga, yoga for athletes, and yoga in the classroom. I work with all ages, all body types, and all conditions.

I strive to bring the very best to my clients in their yoga practice and in everything else. To this end I endorse only certain products. Don’t be tricked into buying products that don’t work and that I don’t trust in. Only select products that are Yoga Fairy approved!

I am currently teaching therapeutic yoga, chair yoga and mindful meditation at Walter Reed Bethesda Naval Hospital. In addition to guest teaching yoga in classrooms, I train teachers how to bring mindful meditation into the classroom and see private clients in the Washington DC area. I am also a Maryland state councilwoman for the United States Humane Society. Most days I laugh at the fact that “I AM A YOGA TEACHER” because my life does not look peaceful or meditative. It looks like a 3-ring circus. The funny thing is, people ask me all the time about my personal yoga practice and how I incorporate yoga into my busy life. I had an “AHA” moment when I realized that most people believe that a yoga practice is something performed in a yoga studio, costs $18, and lasts for one hour. I created this blog to inspire YOU and dispel these myths!  I want to share with you how I live my yoga, and how I too am always trying to be more UNITED with my spirit, and realize that I am still always practicing yoga…and have a very long way to go!




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“We love that the class is thinking, not just doing.  Sarah challenges the children in an encouraging, non-competitive atmosphere”

– S. G.


“Yoga Tales helped my son develop more body awareness while having a lot of fun.  He always came away happy and smiling”

– N. S.


“Sarah is incredible at reaching the minds of young adults. They respond immediately to her. She has given our school so many strategies on how to help our students deal with stress and how to relax. She is a true asset to our community.”

– Kara C.


“Sarah’s creativity, sensitivity, and calming approach make her an outstanding yoga instructor and healer. She has a special gift; especially working with children. Did I mention she is a lot of fun too!”

– Sabrina W.


“As someone who is completely inexperienced with yoga, Sarah’s private sessions with me revealed her extensive patience and warmth, plus her love for and commitment to the practice of yoga.”

– Robin R.


“Sarah worked with my 10year old daughter who was starting to develop anxiety with school and taking tests. She was a miracle worker! Helped calm her so much!  Sarah taught her children’s yoga moves and loaded all of these breathing exercises on her iPod touch:) which she LOVED!  thank you!!!

– Heather B.


“Sarah is a skilled and experienced yoga instructor. She taught a corporate yoga workshop for several weeks at our company, and people still beg for me to bring her back! She has also taught smaller classes with kids and her experience allows her to tail the yoga practice exactly to her audience.”

– Emily G.