Using Your Breath As A Tool

The breath controls the mind, the mind controls the body.

If you become aware of your breath you might notice a few things, for instance:

The inhale is energetic, the exhale is passive.

Your breath directly affects your posture.

Your breath creates expansion in the body.

A calming breath improves focus.

An energizing breath creates alertness.

In yoga, breathing exercises are called “pranayama”, and there are several techniques for breathing.

I love to mix up my yoga poses with different breathing actions, because it changes the entire feeling of the pose.  Its like trying a new topping on your favorite ice cream!

For example, try Bhastrika Breath in Goddess Pose or Satali in Butterfly Pose.

Some of these breathing techniques are already posted on the Yoga Fairy You Tube Channel, and more are coming!

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