A Metta Meditation for Valentines Day

  The sanskrit word ‘Metta’ is defined as loving kindness, in a whole-hearted genuine big love kind of way.  Loving someone without expecting something in return. A Metta Meditation is […]

Tea & Meditation

This meditation can be seen on the Yoga Fairy TV with background music by Marina Raye. Make a date with yourself and make it a meditation. Pick your favorite tea bag, add […]

How Posture Can Change Your Thinking

You do not want to miss this gem of a Ted Talk!  This is value-add, life changing, easy, motivating, thought provoking stuff that you need to know.  I am so excited […]

Mantra Monday

Many thanks to Bryan Alexander, the creator of today’s smile-winning post! Life is a balancing act. Yoga can teach you how to do it well.  


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