Mantra Monday


Mantra Monday

Mantra Monday
Photo Creds to Jenna Kirshon/ Sunrise in Thailand

Falling off the Wagon

images-2It happens. It happened to me.
I fell off the blogging wagon.  It didn’t happen on purpose, I was riding along minding my own business when suddenly, BUMP! I hit an unexpected bump in the road.  I was off-roading for a year.  It was scary, as it was an unplanned detour in my journey, but now I am on the road again!
The good news is, I learned so much while I was gone.
And I am so happy to be back, writing, growing and sharing with you.

Many years ago I met a Buddhist Monk.  He told me that there is always someone praying for world peace in the Buddhist Temple.  In the Temple, there will always be one person, and that person has one job, and that job is to pray for world peace.  There are many people praying at any given time.  And sometimes only one.  And that one person is praying for world peace.

I wish I could find that monk and show him this great app ~ although we are not in a sacred temple, we are all sacred souls who can connect on this app and take part in this very important cycle together.


Insight Timer is a meditation APP that you can download for FREE. (Goodbye other meditation apps that I have promoted to CALM you down… because now I don’t have to pay for it!).
It offers a variety of platforms to support your meditation practice.
There are thousands of meditations to choose from!
Not Guided.
Nature Sounds.
Meditation for …. anything you can think of….sleep, stress, anxiety, mindful eating.  Pick your potion!

This app is for EVERYBODY:  beginners, experts, young, wise, and available in 20 different languages.

The teachers are phenomenal.  Guided meditations provided by well known teachers like Tara Brach and hundreds of others you will have fun meeting and exploring. (Remember 1990’s techno trip-hop musician MOBY? I was joyfully surprised to find him leading meditations here! YEAH, check it out!)

A big seller for me is the flexibility the app offers. You can choose any amount of time that works for you, 1 minute to an hour.  Hint:  keep headphones with you at all times.  I keep them in my car, my gym bag, and my purse.  No excuses.

Insight timer also creates meaningful connections. You can see all the users engaged in the meditations. You can create a group. You can join a group.  You can also join a discussion group, themes range from Rumi poetry to Buddhism.

This app also creates and monitors your meditation stats.  You can keep track of your process and your progress.

There are NO fees. No upgrade costs, no unlocks and no surprises.  The entire app is free. So if you just go now and download the app, the next time you find yourself with 5 minutes; sit, click and settle.

According to the Insight Timer website, the app was created as an agent to peace.  Their goal is to “Encourage more people to meditate and reach out to friends” and “if you believe meditation will lead to a peaceful planet, then who knows… perhaps one day this goal without meaning will end up being the most meaningful of all.”

If you are looking for accountability, or just a new meditation avenue, I give this app 5 stars.

I am NOT an ambassador or associated with Insight Timer in any way, shape or form. They have never heard of me.  I am just genuinely interested in sharing as many golden nuggets with you as I can.

Lets connect on the app ~ I am the YogaFairy.

Mantra Monday

“From intention springs the deed, from the deed springs the habits. From the habits grow the character, from character develops destiny.”

Chinese Buddhist Proverb


What would you do to help this seedling grow?

Now imagine, you are the seed.

Mantra Monday

“Be Zen” means to do one thing at a time.



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