Happy Thanksgiving!


Photo cred to Jenna Kirshon, who I am very grateful to know and love.

Mantra Monday


The Mighty Breath

Do not miss this great lecture on how the Breath effects the quality of your life.

Its free, and everyone is doing it!  Listen in the car or while you’re doing the dishes.  This does not need your visual attention….

Mantra Monday

It’s my birthday! Therefore, today’s meditation is extra special as I set my intentions for the next year 🙂

You Must Read This Book:


Hi There. It’s me, TheYogaFairy.

I read a lot of books. Some yoga. Mostly not though.  Love Warrior is a memoir, birthed from a blog, of a mom, who was struggling.  And I would like to use my own blog to reach through your computer and hand this book, for you, to read, right now.

That’s right. Stop what you are doing. Get this book. Read it.  Weekend is almost here.

The journey, written by the star of the book whose name is Glennon, is brought to life so vividly that even if you have ZERO in common with her, you will be taken in by her writing. So descriptive, its palpable, and she takes you with her.

If you do have something in common with her, and it’s likely she strikes at least one chord or two, you will cheer her perseverance and growth as if it were your own. Her revolution goes deep, and her truths will inspire you.

Of course, her transformation is supported with yoga and meditation who play very small roles in this monumental pilgrimage.  Her metamorphosis happens on every level of her being and the yoga and meditation were instrumental in creating those shifts.  (Please note: You can do all the yoga and meditation you want but you need self-awareness in order to find self-realization).

Glennon Doyle Melton, you are a woman and I hear you roar!

Thank you for your courage in sharing your truths, shining a light in dark corners, and most of all for giving us this powerful gift of a book.  Sending big love to her.

(She’s my new best friend, we’ve been through SO MUCH together!).

Get to amazon fast by clicking here:  Love Warrior

PS- When you have finished her book, check out her blog because not only is she Glennon the Author – she is Glennon the Philanthropist. She has created a thriving charity called Together Rising, where “small gifts given with great love are changing lives”.  Amazing!




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